Suggested Topics for Mathematics Research Paper

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During more than 2 millennia mathematics has been an integral part of understanding of human beings. Math is some sort of language that has no boundaries and no limits. Mathematics areas are quite vast and thus, topics for research paper can widely range from the history of this science to applied math.

Math history.

This is a vast and difficult topic. If you make up your mind to investigate the origins of this science, you will have to study Ancient Egypt, Greece and Babylonia history. Next step will be to trace the studies of Arabic-speaking countries and Latin-speaking countries in the west of Europe.

Math in education process.

Over the decades a lot of transformations have taken place in the way math has been taught. That is why a lot of debates about what are the best manners of how to teach young people came into sight. In your paper you may write about math introduction, about the effectiveness of different methods taught to the students.

Pure math

Here the question is about the field that studies abstract theories and conceptions. This area includes calculus, algebra, geometry, logic, topology, number theory and combinatorics. In these areas the theories are developed and worked on in order to work out the problems and put in plain words how math works and is utilized without any applications from real world. Some betterment in this area can bring changes into the way this science is taught in schools.

Applied math

Applied mathematics centers on using of pure math theories and concepts in order to solve difficult situations and problems of the world. Mathematical physics is focused on using mathematics in order to provide explanation for experimental results and theoretical concepts on physical system or process. Among the other examples one can point out modeling for medicine and evolutionary theory, probability research and game theory.

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