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Statistics is a science, which aims at analyzing various sets of data. Statistical analysis applies two groups of tools: quantitative and graphical methods or techniques. Quantitative methods of statistical analysis are manifested in numeric results, whereas graphical techniques are typically represented in the form of statistical graphics. Graphical techniques involve histograms, box and scatter plots as well as biplots, block plots, residential and probability plots. By the way, some of the mentioned graphical methods were widely applied in the eighteenth century.

Statistical graphics are used in statistics to provide visualization of the required statistical sets of data with the purpose of its further analysis. Due to their ability to help understanding suggested sets of statistic data better, statistical graphics are widely applied in the exploratory data analysis.

The knowledge of statistical graphics and their functions is often required from students during their course of statistics. If you are given an assignment, which includes statistical graphics, but do not know their functions and objectives, you are advised to surf on the Internet and look for professional online recommendations. Every student, who struggles with his/her statistics homework, should be aware of the main objectives of statistical graphic methods and their types.

All in all, we may differentiate between four basic aims of statistical graphic techniques. Firstly, they are used to explore the data content. Secondly, they are required to determine the data organization. Thirdly, statistical graphics are frequently applied with the purpose to find out whether the assumptions made in statistical models are correct or not. At last, they are useful in depicting the results of the conducted statistical analysis.

Among the most famous statistical graphics, the following ones are worth to be mentioned: graphics, designed by John Show, Florence Nightingale, William Playfair and Charles Joseph Minard. Separate type of statistical graphics that should be mentioned here is referred to as “isotypes”, designed by Otto Neurath.

Taking into consideration that designing statistical graphics is quite complicated, students who need professional help, may use the services of highly qualified statistics homework helpers. They are specially trained to offer you the best statistics assignments solutions.

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