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Coursework is a form of assessment that is used by any of the academic or practical institutions to assess what a student or a group of them has done during training. Coursework forms part of a syllabus that is conventionally accepted by the various standardization organizations. To come up with a proper high school assignment  board of professors (for the case of schools) have to come up with a formidable guideline that will be followed by the teachers to enhance learning activity. The coursework has to be moderated by government so that it doesn’t overshoot or undermine what is expected at the end of the training session. In most schools coursework may include projects, field works, lab experiments and any form of practical work. In some of the private school, the student have the privilege of coming up with the coursework they desire so long as it doesn’t comprise the quality of education. At the end of the student term paper activity, the students are expected to come up with a clear report that dictates their understanding in the training that they underwent. Coursework is fundamentally different from the final exam but still contributes to the student’s grade, often; the course work may earn more work as compared to the sit in exam. Coursework is essentially important since it broadens the student’s knowledge, show creativity of the student, enhance demonstration skills, bring about team work and group work and lastly give the students advantage to reason out the theoretical knowledge learned in class practically. Although custom coursework is supposed to be seen as personal ideas, there are some students who are fond of stimulating ideas from the internet or even from colleagues, this constitutes to a heavy penalty if at all the student is found breaking the rule.

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