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Posted on April 13th, 2012 — Posted in Math Help

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In England, students will often get their General Certificate of Secondary Education.  This is a certificate that is awarded to students aged 14 to 16 who have completed the academic qualifications in a specific subject.  In order to attain the certificate in mathematics the student will have to complete a GCSE mathematics paper.  This paper is a culmination of a student’s work and is often the biggest stumbling block that a student may face.

One way that a student can get help to write their paper is through the use of Olympiad mathematics sample papers.  These are papers that have been written by other students that have already gotten their GCSE certificate in math and can serve as a guideline for the student who has yet to write their paper.

Reading the past papers mathematics students have written that are available on the internet is not cheating.  They are a tool that a good student will use to help them write a better paper for themselves.  They are readily available and the people who are awarding the certificates are aware of this availability.  They will take steps to ensure the originality of everyone’s work.

When a person reads the Olympiad mathematics sample papers they might be tempted to try to use someone else’s work.  This is never a smart idea.  There are too many ways for a person who is grading the paper to check for originality and any work that is thought to be plagiarized will be rejected.  It is okay to use some of the ideas that a person finds in these samples, but they should make sure they add their own original twist to them.

It is not a bad idea to use past papers mathematics students have written.  For most people they are the push they need to get a paper of their own started.  As long as a person does not take the easy way out and try to copy the work, these samples are a valuable tool.

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