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Posted on November 2nd, 2011 — Posted in Paper help

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In ordinary circumstances, a bibliography of writing will always come at the end. After you have written your research papers, you will write a list of all the sources that you have used in writing the paper and even those which you haven’t used but are good for further reading. This is called a bibliography. However, there is a specialized kind of a bibliography called annotated bibliography. This bibliography does not come at the end of the writing. In annotated bibliography, the bibliography is the tile of the writing. You begin the writing by giving the bibliographic details. This is why it is called annotated bibliography-because it comes at the beginning of the writing and replaces the topic. When giving the annotated bibliography, do not give more than one bibliographic entry. This is wrong. Every bibliographic entry in annotated bibliography forms atopic of discussion. So the custom annotated bibliography is discussed individually and not together. This is so because in annotated bibliography, what you are doing is to analyze what the writers are saying in their writing. This is only done separately in annotated bibliography. Bellow, it, you discuss exhaustively what the author of the material says in the book or magazine article or any other source that you have used. Be sure that you have discussed everything the author says that you would like to say within the annotated bibliography so that you don’t mix ideas. It is also important that you may link the discussion of your bibliography to the main topic of the custom paper. This is very important because all the bibliography in annotated bibliography should be united towards the same argument.

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